Tuesday, April 3, 2012

21 Reasons why working with a communication and voice coach might just be the greatest gift you give yourself in 2012

  1. better voice projection lets you sound more confident
  2. improved posture and physical poise lets you look confident too
  3. an expressive and well-modulated voice is interesting, engaging, attractive
  4. 'as we breathe so we think', if your breathing is more relaxed and more controlled so are you
  5. you improve your ability to articulate ideas, explain your thinking
  6. this in turn enables you to be more persuasive and more influential
  7. your self-confidence improves
  8. your self-esteem rises
  9. you can speak up and speak out instead of remaining silent
  10. so you find it easier to be more assertive
  11. you contribute more socially, professionally and in your community
  12. you communicate better in meetings
  13. you communicate better at home
  14. you communicate better in presentations and speeches
  15. you speak better even when unprepared
  16. you develop deeper awareness of yourself in relation to others
  17. this leads you to listen more and with greater empathy
  18. you find out how to be heard more clearly
  19. awareness of how you communicate with yourself lets you develop more positive and encouraging self-talk
  20. you learn how to deal with, and express more usefully, anger, resentment, frustration
  21. you enjoy yourself more and gain more joy from your relationships!
These are just some of the ways communication coaching can help you
 ... in the meantime: good luck with your next presentation!

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