Tuesday, January 10, 2012

These 5 TED speakers inspired me in 2011, I hope they'll do the same for you in 2012

This collection of five presentations showcases a variety of speakers and skills.  I have used most of them as teaching examples for my clients, Monika Bulaj's presentation is a new addition to my collection.  I hope you'll find them helpful as you seek out and develop your own special gifts as a speaker.

Some are experienced and skilled speakers, like Eve Ensler and Jane Fonda.  Eve Ensler shows us just how powerful it is to evoke emotions through language,  metaphor and specific examples. Jane Fonda shows us how to convey new ideas confidently and articulately.

Eve Ensler: Suddenly, my body

Jane Fonda: Life's third act

Monika Bulaj's short talk moves and influences us while showing us that the fact that English is not her first language cannot detract from her compelling words and images.

Monika Bulaj: The Hidden Light of Afghanistan

Here Kevin Slavin puts paid to the notion that "technical" presentations can't help but be dry as dust, factual and lifeless, appealing only to experts in their particular field. Note especially the visual impact and simplicity of his slides.

Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

Cartoonist Liza Donelly entrances with her cartoons.  More than that, she shows us how someone who might not usually verbalize her point of view can find her voice and be interesting and articulate. As well as how she says it, women especially might take note of what she says.  Developing physical presence, occupying the space in which you find yourself, are aspects so important for speakers.   Only about 18 minutes long, worth taking the time to make yourself comfortable, watch and listen to the wisdom of Liza Donnelly.

I hope these presentations from 2011 will encourage and inspire you in 2012.

Best wishes for the New Year and good luck with your next presentation!