Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sagitta Communication & Life Skills: new rates

My basic rates as of September 2010:

One-on-one coaching

R180,00/hour or R650 for four sessions

One-on-one private learning programmes:

8 hours "Confident Public Speaking": R1200,00
8 hours "Confident Interpersonal Communication": R1200,00

Group learning

Start at R650,00 pp/pd for one-, two- or three-day programmes. Highly negotiable, e.g. recently held a communication skills workshop for the Women on Farms Project, venue supplied by them, for only R500,00 pp for two full days. Two-day entry level "Communication in Customer Service" workshops start at R650,00 pp for two full days.

One-day (10h00 - 17h30) Presentation Skills Workshops R450,00 pp

Next workshop will take take place in October or early November, date to be announced. Please contact me if you'd like to book a place.

Spring is here in the Western Cape. I've been hard at work in the garden cleaning up after the winter, feeding, composting and mulching ready for the long hot windy summer. Rewarding work, good to get back in touch with my garden. Today there's a north-wester coming up as a cold front moves through. Hoping for some rain as it's been quite a dry winter. When the front has moved off later in the week will complete the last section feeding and mulching.

Last week lost two of my dear goldfish to a beautiful grey heron. If it's the same one, she fishes our pond about once a year, dignified and silent. I don't begrudge her the food, almost all wetlands around here are gone now. Sad though for my big Goldie who survived a previous attack only to have it happen again and this time not so lucky. Of course it happened on a beautiful morning when I decided to leave the net off so they could enjoy a spring frolic. They seem to go still when the pond is covered. Decided to leave net off until about 10h30, went to work in the front garden, came back to see heron with wet head sitting on roof of next-door house. Went cold. Rushed out, no sign of any of the four fish in the pond. Shimmering scales in the water like confetti. Then spotted two quivering wrecks hiding as best they could. Covered pond, thought, "Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.". Apologised to fish now being reincarnated as heron.

Here comes the rain!