Monday, August 29, 2011

Latest rates September 2011

One of the first questions most of us need to ask about coaching and learning programmes is, "How much will it cost me?" My clients are sometimes surprised at how affordable my rates are, someone recently described my prices as "too cheap". That may be so for some, but I aim to remain affordable for ordinary Capetonians who want to improve their lives and perhaps their working prospects.

My latest basic rates as from 1 September 2011:

Communication coaching (one-on-one) R190,00/hour

These sessions are full of possibilities.  They can be about anything and everything to do with communication. We may include confidence, self-esteem, understanding personalities, voice and speech skills, public speaking, business presentations, interpersonal communication, social anxieties, social skills, customer interactions and other related material which will help you.

EFT R160,00/session or R900,00 for 6 sessions. The length of an EFT session is between one and two hours.

Group workshops and group learning programmes are priced according to content and timing. We start with an assessment for you or your business and employees, so contact me to get started.

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